The revolution will not be televised. This iconic song and poem by Gil Scott-Heron has resonated so deeply in the hearts and minds of the last three generations. This powerful slogan used in the Black Panther Movement is also at the heart of femcee and rad muslimah, Boshia Rae-Jean‘s, newest single, Uploaded, which I had the immense pleasure of collaborating with and directing the music video for.



With the tense political turmoil that we have found ourselves in over the last fifteen years, being a black Muslimah (term for female Muslim) in America is a statement. But Boshia is reminding us that the images we see in the media hardly ever share the whole story. Uploaded came from the need and love for diversity. For diversity in stories, in content, in what we see in the media and how the media is shaped:

“Uploaded is about our youth, the indigo generation, us taking the opportunity to use the internet and to create content that uploads the revolution. It’s about seeing the injustice happening and creating content that is actually showing the counter of that, whether it’s a film or writing articles, pieces, or photography. Uploaded is about telling the truth and us being fearless in doing that, and no longer being controlled by a society that doesn’t want what’s best for us anymore.”



During Boshia’s first trip to Australia, she saw some of the same inner struggles that she saw black and Muslim women facing at home that Aboriginees were dealing with across the world.

“I met some women that were Aboriginees and they have some insecurities that they just did not want to have. And I was like, ‘Wow, you guys are so beautiful but I can see that it’s a struggle to see these people here on your land that’s been stolen, and you’re still resilient, and you’re still striving to be the best you.’ They were still struggling to be who they truly are – you know, beautiful women, beautiful black women. ”

Indigenous Australians are the oldest living civilization on Earth, with traces going back from at least 50 000 years ago marking their descent from Africa to what is now present day Australia. Although Australia as a country might be still young, we must not forget that there were people on these lands long before.

The video for Uploaded aspires to connect these diverse cultures and stories, while also promoting the many ways that people share them. It reminds us that there is strength and power in knowing your truth, sharing your story, and doing it fearlessly.

Check out the video below and drop us a comment, like or share it if you dig it!


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